Article 6: AMT Ceramics' Artist Feature: Rie Martin

Article 6: AMT Ceramics' Artist Feature: Rie Martin

It's summer indeed and Artist feature of the Month will refresh our sculptural ceramic scene with her unique and intricate works! Rie Martin is one of our students from Wheel-throwing Full course.

Rie Martin


Rie Martin is an artist residing in the east of Manila. She earned her degree in Architecture from the University of Santo Tomas. After seven years of practice in architecture, she shifted her focus to arts. Consequently, she pursued her studies into classical drawing and traditional oil painting under Alfred Galvez. Every now and then, she ventured into form explorations in 3D. Both painting and architecture steered her into figurative sculpture; while, her exposure to pottery inspired her in employing ceramics as a creative medium.


To know more about our Artist Feature here's our interview with Rie.

Q: How would you describe your ceramic style?

I create figurative ceramic sculptures, often involving biomorphic elements and female forms. Initially, I just used white glaze for all my sculptures to put emphasis on the forms. However, I've recently begun experimenting with different glazes, integrating them as major elements of my work.


Q: Tell us about your upcoming show.

It’s called "Mystic Madness," a group exhibition put together by Art Toys and Art District Gallery in Escolta, which revolves around themes of whimsy and fantasy.


Q: How was your preparation and process for the show?

Before creating a piece, I typically conceptualize and sketch. However, for this one, it was more spontaneous. I allowed myself to play with it before the scheduled drying and firing timeline.


Q: Who are your biggest artistic influences? What do you love about their work?

I love James Jean! I like how his work is based on a narrative, sometimes blending history and fantasy. Ruth Asawa's story has always been an inspiration to me—her exploration of form and her deep understanding of the material she worked with reflected on how people perceive her art.


Q: What’s your favorite sculpture/piece/project so far?

So far, it's "Four Squares Back." It’s my first time working with porcelain, and somehow, I was lucky enough it survived. It was also my first time incorporating color into my work, which urged me to experiment more with glazes and other finishes.


Q: What does a day in your studio look like?

Typically, I start my mornings by cleaning and organizing the studio while playing some music to clear my mind. Next, I proceed to reclaim clay that has accumulated over the months (or even years!) since I am running low on it. The remainder of the day is devoted to sculpting my pending works, continuing from where I left off.


Q: What are some lessons ceramics/sculpture have taught you?

Working with ceramics is full of uncertainties, but the most fulfilling things come from those uncertainties. I have also learned to always manage my expectations because you will never be sure what will come out of the kiln after firing. With a lot of variables at play, being open to what happens is always a creative challenge.


Q: How did you hear/learn about AMT?

There was a show that required me to create symmetrical forms, which would be best done through wheel throwing. This aspect of ceramics is something I hadn't really focused on. After that, I decided to look for a one-on-one mentorship and discovered AMT. I was also excited to hear Alfred's stories about his apprenticeship in Japan.


There you have it! Once again our Artist Feature for the month - Rie Martin! Please visit her exhibit currently happening at 2nd Floor of Calvo Building Escolta St., Binondo Manila. Mystic Madness is a group exhibition by Art Toys PH and The Art District Gallery showcases a variety of local contemporary artists plus fashion show which opened last April 27 and runs until May 25, 2024.

Good luck Rie to your future endeavors! AMTeam is very proud of you! For future works of Rie, you may follow her instagram: @riemartin


Questions prepared by Diana Utlang

Answers Written by Rie Martin

Edited by MS Trajeco

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