Article 5 - Babayi Bayani 2024

Article 5 - Babayi Bayani 2024

In a very short period of time, AMT Ceramic Studio has established a small community that supports our workshops' past students, ceramic artists and fellow clay enthusiasts that eventually turned studio-friends, some of them are from "Kasibulan". In celebration of women's month, they'll be having an exhibit at Pinto Art Museum this coming March 3, 2024. Here are the details of the show. Hope to see you at the venue.



Babayi Bayani 2024
“Babayi Bayani”
BLOOM 20th Year
PINTO Art Museum
Upper Galleries 1-4
March 3-24, 2024
"Why shouldn’t I be proud to be a woman? 
My father, that enthusiastic apostle of humanity, many times reiterated to me that woman’s mission was to elevate the human race, that she was the Messiah of future centuries. It is to his doctrines that I owe the great, noble ambition I have conceived for the sex that which I proudly affirm to be mine, and whose independence I will support to my dying day” 
- Rosa Bonheur, “Why Have There Been No Great Women Artists” by Linda Nochlin
         For the 20th anniversary of the women artists group BLOOM, with the participation of Kasibulan (Kababaihan sa Sining at Bagong Sibol na Kamalayan (Women in Art and Emerging Consciousness)), these women artists celebrate Women’s History Month this March at Pinto Art Museum with their second run of their show Babayi Bayani. “Babayi” is a Visayan word for “woman” as the exhibit celebrates women as our day to day heroes. The exhibit features works that convey women empowerment and love for country. And one of the ways we empower women who serve the country through their different roles is through self-expression and supporting fellow women. Whether the works portray women making use of their personal agency to achieve their aspirations and realize their vision without need of permission, voicing out social justice concerns, or highlighting the nurturing instinct of women, these artists refuse to allow women to be written off by history where women are traditionally pushed to the sidelines as though they do not play an integral role in society. Indeed, women empowerment and love for country should not be separate. Women are our nurturers as well as leaders and voices for our country.
The exhibit is divided into three parts. Upper Gallery 2 with black walls display film, photography, and selected sculpture and art installations. Upper Gallery 4 with red walls display  artworks with nationalist themes and tributes to women martyrs, and also a unified statement of the artists’ strength as a group in solidarity in the continuing resistance in the current struggles of the nation such as the fight for freedom of expression, speech, and human rights. And Upper Galleries 1 and 3 with white walls display works that are more diverse and mixed in themes. In addition, the exhibit includes Babaylan Garden sculptures.
The exhibit opens on March 3, 2024, Sunday 4pm, and runs until March 24, 2024.
Words by Nicole Lasquety



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