Article 2 - AMT Ceramic Studio - Our Story

AMT Ceramic Studio - Our Story

AMT Ceramics was taken from the founder and artist’s initials - Alfred Mark Trajeco. Exactly 3 months after Alfred completed his two-year (2019-2021) apprenticeship in Japan at Tsugaru Kanayama Pottery - Aomori Prefecture, he started to build his own pottery studio in Quezon City, in his own home. Alfred is the 2nd Filipino next to Jezzel Wee and 1st male apprentice who completed the said program as UPCFA Ceramic Studio International Linkage Program delegate.



Tsugaru Kanayama Pottery Graduation Day - June 2021


October 8, 2021 - the studio’s “Hatsugama” or the first kiln firing in pottery practice, thus, its anniversary date. In Japanese culture, “Hatsugama” is celebrated every 10-15th year since it is the kiln's lifespan that needs to be replaced. Pieces fired in the kiln are considered rare, so delicate that the lucky ones are those marked by the artist's special stamp.


AMT Ceramic Studio Kiln Making by Dean Jacob Team


Summer of 2022 when Alfred opened his doors for private 1 on 1 learning in full course wheel-throwing and eventually added single session Hand-building, both were conducted at his studio as one man team. 2023 had been a busy year, he established this own team when there was a growing demand for corporate and off-site pottery workshops. It also marked its 2nd year of operation in progress.


 Wheel - Throwing Full Course, Janyl & Mansy


At present time, the studio caters to Full and Single session courses (by reservations) of wheel - throwing and hand-building workshops, kiln firing services, studio - use, corporate & off-site workshops and custom-made ceramic pieces. AMT Ceramic Studio has 4 members in the team, Alfred as the Studio Director & Instructor, Kaye Capistrano , an apprentice, while also serving as studio assistant and later on became studio’s wheel-throwing instructor, Nixx De Guzman handles Admin and our Executive Assistant, and Diana Utlang who works on Graphic & Social Media Content.


 Off-Site Hand Building Workshop at Canva, Craftmnl x AMT Ceramics


For more detials about the products & services of our studio, you may visit our website www.amtceramics.com or follow our social media accounts at Facebook - AMT Ceramics, Instagram - @amtceramics , @amtrajecopotteryshop


AMTeam Outing


 AMTeam welcomes you and we look forward to see you at our studio!

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